Maybe Instead of Rhyming Like Hov, We need to Learn How To Love Like Hov

BMoore July 13, 2017 Entertainment, Life, Music , , , ,

Hov’s “4:44” song, and more specifically the “Footnotes of 4:44” video, has served as a painful reminder to men that we don’t understand relationship dynamics. Specifically, we don’t really understand what it means to love and how to accept love from our women. Intrinsically, we struggle, and these are things that we have to put… keep going »

There’s No Justice: It’s Just Us…Again

Source June 19, 2017 Life, Politics

I decided to bail on the whole social media Happy Father’s Day 24 hour marathon this year. Well, not completely. I responded to those who reached out to me directly, but I mainly stayed away yesterday. Still got to enjoy family and friends in person, but my mind wasn’t fully engaged in the festivities. Here’s… keep going »

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