There’s No Justice: It’s Just Us…Again

Source June 19, 2017 Life, Politics

I decided to bail on the whole social media Happy Father’s Day 24 hour marathon this year. Well, not completely. I responded to those who reached out to me directly, but I mainly stayed away yesterday. Still got to enjoy family and friends in person, but my mind wasn’t fully engaged in the festivities. Here’s… keep going »

Game Recognize Game But Some of Y’all Don’t Look Familiar

Source June 13, 2017 Entertainment, Sports , , , , , , ,

Congratulations to your 2017 NBA Champions: -The Golden State Warriors- Shoutout to Kevin Durant for winning his first NBA title as well as his first NBA Finals MVP award. Gotta love it when a plan comes together. And complete respect and admiration goes out to Coach Steve Kerr. I can’t imagine the type of physical… keep going »

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