Hands Up, Got Shot

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Know how we’ve seen protesters chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot” all over the world?

Yeahhhh. Might not help.

I wonder if these people who call police with claims of a “man with a gun” feel any responsibility after things like this happen. Not that one shouldn’t report suspicious activity, but man. There are ways to express danger without crying wolf.

Folks KNOW the police are already on edge. And rightfully so.

Calling 9-1-1 and saying someone has a gun without 100% certainty is pretty much asking for that someone to get shot.

But even with all of that, why would this man who…

-is helping the man in distress
-is clearly explaining everything to the officers
-lies down on the ground
-has his hands in the air

…get shot?

Forget race for a second.
There HAS to be another reason.


And oh yeah. We will be over here waiting for the slander campaign about this man’s prison record, unpaid parking tickets, middle school transcripts and other things that may help justify this.

Because that’s relevant.

But y’all already know. This is all just…


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