Would You Let Your Daughter Date A Man Like You?

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It’s easy to blow off all these quotes and memes and little sayings from people who don’t know our personal struggles. Trust me. I do it all day, every day.

But here is one that each of us dads with girls should take a moment and think about. Because the way this one is worded, there is little to no wiggle room around it. But I will re-word it a little to be more universal.

“Would you let your child date a man like you?”

And for those moms out there, I will re-phrase it:

“Would you let your child date a woman like you?”

Wow. That is heavy.


Some of us won’t entertain the question.

Some of us won’t be honest with ourselves.

Some of us just won’t care.

It is an interesting question to pose because it leads to a bit of self-analysis. Not only in how we treat our romantic relationship(s), but also how we live.

Our beliefs.

Our work.

Our parenting.

Our friends.

Our goals.

Our lives as a whole.


Some will answer the question with an honest “yes” and that is great.

But if one can truly consider the question without recognizing the room for a great deal of self-improvement no matter our situation, well…I’d urge that parent to consider the question one more time.






But as always, this is all just……….



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