It’s Kinda Like the Crack did to Pookie in New Jack

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Welcome to Junkies Unanimous.

It’s like Alcoholics Anonymous.

But not alcohol.

And not anonymous.

I’ll go first.



My name is Source, and I am a FanDuel junkie.

***This is where you all say “Hi Source***

So…a couple years ago, I started dabbling in the fine art of daily fantasy sports play. It was never much money spent because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing and couldn’t afford to throw dollars away.

Some will say those 2 things haven’t change, but anyway.

Over the past 6-12 months, I’ve been more consistent in my play and have become a bit better. Not really making any money but not losing my shirt either. It’s a lot of small win and try again. Lose, lose, lose. Small win again and repeat.

But here recently, I find myself spending time doing extensive research, following different dfs players/pros on social media and pretty much being ALL ABOUT some FanDuel.

-The official logo of dfs junkies everywhere-

Now again, I don’t spend a lot of money cuz I don’t make a lot of money. Call me Bizarro Patrick Ewing (that joke isn’t for everybody…if you got it, you laughed). But I have dedicated a portion of my day errrday to creating an educated, well-thought-out shot at the Sports World’s Daily Lottery.

Well, not lottery exactly. That would be gambling. And as we know, DFS is not gambling. It’s just not. But I digress.

I plan out lineups based on trends, expectations, and way more gut feelings than one should follow if winning is the goal. smh

It’s so bad that I am back to following Major League Baseball closely. No. Like all season, all teams closely.

[sn: Baseball isn’t as boring as some make it out to be…or maybe it’s the FanDuel talking]

How did I fall down this slippery slope?

How did I go from playing once in a blue moon to playing daily?

And then it happened.

Again. And it all made sense.


When I fell asleep late last night, I was looking at the possibility of winning this:


Dreams of a necessary auto repair and a Ruth’s Chris steak danced in my head.

But as I awoke this morning, the reality of the situation smacked me dead in the face.


I cried one single tear like the Native American in those old “don’t litter” ads.

Don’t misunderstand me. I still won. I’m on the plus side of last night’s financial equation.

But there’s a difference between winning and WINNING.

I told a friend what happened and he said “That’s how they keep you coming back.”

Yep. He might be onto something.

Maybe it’s the sports.

Maybe it’s the money.

Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush.

Maybe it’s the daily entertainment.

Maybe it’s the hope that springs eternal.

Or maybe the shiny object being just barely out of reach is how they got me to fall in love with the world of daily fantasy sports.

Whatever it is, they got me.

And if loving FanDuel is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

*goes back to comparing pitcher’s ERAs vs left-handed hitters on a Tuesday following a stormy night in August when I woke up earlier than usual*

*yes it is a real stat, shoooo*


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