The Start of the Ending

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Today is the first official event of my oldest daughter’s senior year in high school.

Senior year?


Anyway. Tonight her school’s football team has their first game of the season; and as usual, I will be there to support my cheer team captain child…the football team too, but primarily my daughter.

She is my first born and has made me proud every day of her existence. But we will get into all that type stuff as the school year goes on. Here’s where I’m headed with this today.


For some odd reason, we guys tend to appreciate our sons and their athletic endeavors more/differently than our daughters and theirs.

I know plenty of fathers who don’t miss anything their sons do.

From football to basketball to soccer to baseball to whatever sport they choose. These dads go to practices, travel out of town for tournaments and spend dollars upon dollars. But for some reason when it comes to daughters, the amount of dear old dad’s involvement changes drastically.

I have 2 daughters who are both sideline cheerleaders (sporting events for their school teams) and competitive cheer athletes (flipping, stunts, pyramids, etc vs other teams).

My Girls circa 2013
My Girls circa 2013

I know, I know.

Ain’t no ball bouncing or tackles being made in competitive cheering. But let’s keep it all the way real here.


For a parent, a competitive cheer team is no different than any type of AAU or travel ball team out there.

They practice a lot.

They compete out of town a lot.

They require a lot.

And I make every effort to be there for my girls on the cheer floor as much as I would if I had boys on the football field or the basketball court.


Because the only difference in my children doing one as opposed to the other is how much I love the activity they’ve chosen.

My personal connection with the one activity versus not actually being a participant in the other.

I played basketball, football and baseball. But I never cheered…and never would. Not my thing. However, my involvement in my children’s favorite sport is not about ME.

I repeat. My involvement in my children’s favorite sport is not…about…ME.

It is about them.

Why would I support my kids less because they are doing something that I didn’t do? My undying support is based on them. That is something we as men (and women as well)¬†need to recognize.

It is all about being there for our kids, not just being there for our kids when they are participating in something that we love.

No matter what happens in my world, if I left this Earth tomorrow…my children would never have to question how much I cherished their existence.

It’s not necessarily about money or gifts or stuff.

It’s about six letters.


In my humble opinion, more than a few things in life are about that same six letter word.

Effort creates opportunities.

Opportunities create experiences.

Experiences create a connection.

And that connection changes the child’s life.

Shoot. If one is lucky, that connection might change the parent’s life too.

I’m no psychologist. And I didn’t stay at anybody’s Holiday Inn Express last night.

But this time, I might just be onto something.


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