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Eshkoshka Fam:

Welcome to our very FIRST installment of…

Nickel Bag of Funk.

My Straight from the Source readers already know what’s up, but let me inform the newbies.

This is where I take 5 topics from recent headlines and give my short take on each.

And just like that, it’s on.


1- Shaq on Kap:

On Fox and Friends, Shaquille O’Neal criticized Colin Kaepernick’s approach to protesting.

The Big Aristotle questioned why Kap didn’t come in to the league protesting.

This dude actually said that you should enter the scene one way and not change.

I guess that must be why Shaq never learned to make free throws.


2- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Answered Questions Live at Commander-in-Chief Forum:

On Wednesday night, Matt Lauer sat down with the Trump and Clinton and threw topics at the 2 presidential candidates.

I won’t tell you who I think won the night, but I will say this:

One of them responded to questions with direct answers and specifics.

One of them responded to questions with sidesteps and generalities.

I just don’t understand, but Laaaaawd knows I can’t WAIT for these debates.


3- 71 Year Old Man Shot/94 Year Old Woman Robbed:


What in the entire hell?

Like…who raised y’all?

I understand that people struggle and you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes, BUT.

Even the wildest thugs in the street have codes they live by.

If your code allows for robbing or killing people who are what many would refer to as elderly, do us all a favor.

Kill yourself.

Now understand me. Suicide is a real problem and I am all about helping people. But if your only come up is to take advantage of the defenseless and it comes down to you or someone’s great grandparent, please heed my words.

Kill. Yourself.


4- So We are All Gonna Just Overlook the Standing Rock Story?:

I won’t pretend to be well versed on the particulars of this controversy. What I do know is this: whatever this pipeline issue is, it has caused nearly 100 Native American tribes to ban together against it.

I don’t know who is right or who is wrong, but I tend to side with the people having dogs attack them.


Something tells me that they may be on the right side of this.


Hopefully more mainstream media coverage is on the way to shed more light on this.



—Let’s end on a happy note—


5- They’re Baaaaack:

The NFL season kicked off last night with the Super Bowl champs from Denver beating Carolina in a 21-20 game. Great way to start out the season.

This Sunday it gets real.

13 games and then 2 more on Monday.


While most people like to refer to early December as being such, I beg to differ:

The First Sunday of the NFL season is…

(sing it with me)

“The Most Wonderful Tiiiime of the Year” for real.


And there you have it, people.



Nickel Bag of Funk.

Quick shout to Diagable Planets.

And I. Am. Outchea.


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