Nickel Baggin on E(shkoshka) – 9/16/2016

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It’s a Nickel Bag of Funk Friday, y’all.

5 topics.

5 responses.

Here we go:


1- NFL Week 1 has Come and Gone:

Football fans have been rejoicing for the past week because the game we love has returned. No need for specifics. Just the fact that we got to sit back and enjoy the fun, food, fellowship and fandom that football brings was enough to put a smile on the meanest mug.

And there are 16 more regular season weeks ahead.

You gotta love it. Don’t ya?

2- Obama’s Birth Certificate Still an Issue:

Democrats are back at Trump’s neck over his refusal to concede that President Obama was born in the U.S.

Not sure if Dems think this will curb some voters from choosing Donald but…I assure you, it won’t. Of all the problems with Trump, this is not the one I’d choose to fight. It’s like going back and forth with an internet troll when everybody already knows you are correct. Why waste your breath?

*****Breaking News*****

This morning, Trump stated Obama was born in America. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.



Not to be outdone on the GOP side…

3- Sickness and Stunt Doubles:

Hillary Clinton has been ill this week. So ill, in fact, that conspiracy theorists claim she had a stand-in take her place in order to show she wasn’t that bad off.

First, I mean…are people not allowed to get sick? No question, Clinton did hit the stanky leg while walking to get into that vehicle but…are weakness, fatigue and dizziness not possible symptoms of pneumonia?

But bigger than that…

SON. Stunt double accusations in 2016? Lmao and smh at the same d@mn time.

I guess it’s true: the world of politics brings out the Cole Brown in everyone.


Speaking of stupid…

4- Sports Figures Expose Their True Selves While Critiquing Colin Kaepernick:

-Former NFL qb Trent Dilfer said that HE could have spoken against racial injustices in his playing days but didn’t want to disrupt the team dynamic.

-Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney, amongst a plethora of ignorant statements, invoked the name of MLK in his “stay in your place” rant.

-And Arizona Diamondback Manager Tony LaRussa “distrusts” Kaepernick’s sincerity.


I will just make a quick point on each here because writing a book on these 3 would bring down my morale on this Friday.

Dilfer – The reason you didn’t stand up for anything regarding race as a player probably had more to do with how you would’ve been treated afterwards than the team aspect.

Don’t try that “team first” mentality as your reasoning. More like self-preservation. Not even saying you have to do something drastic. But don’t front like you did it for the team.

I do look forward to the first famous White man kneeling at a public event though.

Watch what happens.

LaRussa – Take Kaepernick out of the situation.

Now. All these issues that were spoken about…did you comment on any of them? Ever?


But you have a problem with a stance taken based on nobody having a problem with the actual issues. Now you wanna talk.


That’s shut your multiple DUI having @ss up.

Swinney – Did you know that MLK was assassinated for leading these peaceful protests?


Y’all are gonna stop throwing MLK’s name around like his non-violent way of fighting oppression was accepted, allowed and respected…and not met with violence.

Read a book, dude.

Swinney’s commentary bothered me the most because individuals I would call decent people were sharing his thoughts as if they were something refreshing and positive.

I genuinely like this guy’s attitude and fire when it comes to coaching.

But just like a million other folks like him, that truth is that truth.

You ever wonder why people used to never talk politics and such?

This. Is. Why.

Even some of our favorites are clueless to the cloak of privilege they wear on a daily.

And it is not until they open their mouths that their internal truth is heard for what it is.


…oh I almost forgot number 5:

Have a great weekend.



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