Squads Take Ls Everyday, B

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Week 7?

More like Weak 7.

But hey…a slow NFL week is better than no NFL week.

Right? Am I right here?

So off we go.

First up…


The Minnesota Vikings held out until week 7, but the party’s over. The unblemished record party anyway.

Sam Bradford headed back to Philly, but that Eagles defense was ready. 4 Minny turnovers later, loss number 1 was inevitable.

While I am still not sold on these Eagles and believe everything possible worked in their favor for this one (at home vs their qb from 8 weeks ago and following a Viking bye week where they were maybe hearing too much praise), I will credit that Bleed Green defense for not giving up a td til the 4th quarter.

Philly heads to Dallas Sunday night while Minnesota looks to rebound against the struggle life Bears in the Chi.


Peek-a-booooo. I seeeee you.


There you aaaaare.

There’s the Atlanta Falcons team I’ve been waiting for. At the crib against an inferior San Diego team and what happens?

The Falcons trick it up in Falcons fashion.

One question though.

Does the free fall start now or later?



Seattle and Arizona battle and end in a 6-6 tie.

I don’t know if this is more of a credit or blame situation.

Credit to the defenses? Or blame on the offenses and kicking teams?

5 quarters of football and not a touchdown was scored? And back-to-back missed chip shot field goals in ot?

I’m gonna lean towards the blame side. Because this game was so boring that I fell asleep on it at least 3 times.


New England continued its Tom Brady Anger Tour in Pittsburgh yesterday.

This pic will never get old. NEVER.
This pic will never get old. NEVER.

While the Pats came out with the 27-16 victory, the Big Ben-less Steelers played better than expected. And with the expectation being that Roethlisberger will return sooner than later, Pittsburgh is still gonna be just fine before the end of the year.


The Giants defense showed up in London…either that or Case Keenum is just that bad. I vote the latter.

The dual threat, Spencer Ware, and the Chiefs held off the Saints despite Drew Brees’ 3td passes. Kansas City is back in stride again like Frankie Beverly & Maze.

Have I mentioned that the AFC West is my favorite division? Fact.

Another AFC West team, those Oakland Raiders, gets their 4th road win of the season and jump to 5-2 overall on the year. Meanwhile, Jax continues to disappoint me. Is it really Raiders time in these NFL skreets?

When you're so rich, no one will comment on your ridiculous bowl cut...
When you’re so rich that no one will comment on your ridiculous bowl cut…

Jacquizz Rogers takes advantage of his opportunity for more carries and his opponent’s swiss cheese run D. 154 yards later, the Bucs double up the 49ers 34-17.


Come with meeee:


And that’s all you need to know about Cincy’s win over the Browns.

Detroit sneaks by Washington and ends DC’s 4 game winning streak.

Was gonna post a video of paint drying as the game highlights, but you get the point.

Geno Smith got the start and was knocked out of the game with an injury early. Ryan Fitzpatrick jumped back in the saddle and led the Jets to a win over the Ravens. And after the game, Fitz fired back at management and the coaching staff who gave up on him. I ain’t mad @cha, Fitzy.

Somebody woke up Andrew Luck. The Chosen One threw for 353 and 3 TDs on the way to a 34-26 win over the Titans.

It’s about daggone time.

Tonight we have Houston vs Denver.

If Brock Osweiler saw what happened to Bradford yesterday, he may wanna re-think his approach for tonight’s Mile High rumble.

Hopefully it’s not another Prime Time Ambien.




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