Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up: Happy New Month!!!!!!

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Back in the day when I was a (year or 3 past being a) teenager, I worked with this cat named Melvin. We, along with a good 25 other people, worked a shift from early evening to early morning; so a lot of what we did to keep ourselves entertained was silliness caused by sleep deprivation. Haha

Anyway. One first day of the month we came up with “happy new month.” We would fake celebrate the first of the month like it was New Year’s Day.

Like I said…sleep deprivation. lol

Oddly enough, I still say it on any first of the month that it crosses my mind. And this is one of those times.

Today, along with the memory of HNM came memories of people I haven’t thought about in a minute. Some were simply co-workers, some work friends, a few real friends, and one or 2 I considered family.

It’s been quite some time since then…and life hits us all fast.

Co-workers are forgotten, work friends become distant memories, real friends turn into social media associates; and even ones considered family might slip out of your life if you aren’t diligent.


Relationships fade.


I said all of that to say this: I don’t want to get the call, e-mail or text saying that someone I was close with (through school, work, sports, church, whatever) has passed; especially if I thought of them but didn’t make the effort to reach out to them. Or contact them. Or check on them.

…not that it hasn’t happened multiple times already, but still.

Today is the first of December. It’s what we call the holiday season. More than just reminiscing about old associates, people are especially lonely at this time of the year. While many of us celebrate, many others become depressed.

I understand that not everyone was meant to be in your circle forever. I get that.

And I realize that some folks don’t wanna be bothered with people from days gone by. That’s everyone’s choice.

But daggone it…I’d rather be contacted by someone I never wanted to hear from again (not many folks fall into that category) than NOT contacted by someone I would love to hear from. Conversely, I’d rather reach out to someone and them be uninterested in hearing from me than I not try and miss out on someone who would love to hear from me.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Either way, I am vowing to make a legitimate effort to reach out to people I care about…people I wonder about…people I miss.

Because when you get that sobering call, e-mail or text, it’s already too late.


Just saying…


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