How Come We Overcame And Nobody Told ME?????

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Hold up.

Hold up.

Hold the hell up.

So yesterday ended up being pretty much social media free for me. I was driving for 6 hours, spent another 2 hours fighting (or at least watching my wife fight) against the tyranny that is the old hotel price bait-n-switch; and after all of that, another hour plus was spent trying to get clean linen and towels from these same overcharging, Eminem-lifestyle living (they just don’t gaf) heathens of the hotel world.

Shoutout to Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. If my bill ain’t right, I will get back to y’all at another time. Ya nasty sumama.


As one can probably tell, this Friday the 13th was one for the ages. All that being said, I didn’t get to comb the internet for foolishness as thoroughly as I normally would.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up, scrolled my timelines, and ran across this.


Steve Harvey went where?


And met with who?

To talk about what?

And said he was what?


I don’t know if this means Harvey is something of a sellout or fake or more self-serving than a Golden Corral buffet line or an opportunist…or if he is simply showing respect for the position of President-elect of the United States.

Maybe more people would be down to hang out with Mr. Trump than are willing to admit to it.

If thats how you feel, do your thing.

But if you wanna know how I feel at this moment, just ask D.L. Hughley…

…and he will let you know.


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