One Thing All Black People Can Agree On…New Edition

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If there was a secret camera following me around my crib for the past 71 minutes and the video was released to the public, America would have some shonuff entertainment on its hands.

Last night was the premiere of the 3 part New Edition movie. And while I thoroughly enjoyed part 1, this morning has been just as enjoyable.

My favorite DJ, The Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B, is helping us celebrate this NE moment with a super dope mix of New Edition, Ralph Tresvant, BBD, Johnny Gill and Bobby Brown jams.

I’m tryna tell you something good, people.

This mix has me sweating, singing, dancing, and remembering some classic music and great times in my life.

Bruh. Bobby Brown, the solo artist, was that DUDE. This mix will remind you of that.

So shoutout to my homie, DJ Lonnie B, for giving us a classic mix to enjoy while we wait for tonight’s episode of “The New Edition Story” on BET.



“NE LunchBreak”

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Dopeness guaranteed.



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