The Great Fight Hope

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If you are in denial about or uncomfortable with this recent presidential election amplifying a racial divide, here’s a little truth serum…

You don’t want a Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight. I already knew it but Bomani Jones nailed it. It wouldn’t be good timing for America.

If they were to fight (which I don’t believe will happen), a rack of white people would indeed suddenly be claiming/repping Irish and acting like that’s somehow more American than cheering for the black, capitalist boxer from…America.
And though there are a few who would be cheering for MMA over boxing, black folk would overwhelmingly pull for Mayweather because he’s fighting “a white boy” and…history. 

I know thats uncomfortable for many but that’s your problem for never embracing reality. One thing that wouldn’t work if they fought is “I don’t like him because he’s a jerk/loud-mouth/arrogant.” Both are. So you might actually have to be honest about your rooting interests if this fight became official. Or come up with a better lie.
But if you really want unity, you don’t want this fight to happen. I don’t think it will, thankfully. I’m not here for people frontin’.

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