Remy, Remy, Remy, Can’t You See…

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For the past day or so, I’ve read social media posts about Remy Ma’s “Shether” song dissing Nicki Minaj.

Most have said it is fire. But there have been quite a few who’ve stated it was wack. So this morning, I gave it a listen. One listen. And after that one listen, here is my opinion.

So here’s the thing. And I think this is where the differing opinions stem from.

Remy Ma is a good rapper. And as she said in her verse, she is a bully. Well for those who said this joint was wack, I get it.

The flow was kinda raggedy, the wordplay wasn’t dope and the overall sound of “Shether”could never rival the Nas diss of Jay. So I truly get why some people would say it is being overblown.

But here is the thing: I understand all that, but as Coach Boone’s oldest daughter told Yost’s daughter when she kept talking football…

“I. Do. Not. Care.”

The beauty, or in this case the ugly, of this song is its unadulterated level of disrespect.

I don’t know Nicki, but my feelings are hurt for her.

Remy talked about Nicki’s sex life, family, talent, contracts, body, questionable decisions, exes, you naaaame it.

And it was all. So. Disrespectful.

I think the word these days is Savage, right?

Ever seen Lord of War with Nicolas Cage?

This is, sending 2 sexy hookers who live in the middle of AIDS Country to a man’s room with their only objective being to seduce him, savage.

This is, selling a truckload of machine guns to someone in order for them to turn around, walk 100 yards and murder a whole village of innocent women and children, savage.

I was actually uncomfortable with lyrics from the 6+ minute barrage at minimum 3 different times.

And THAT, my friends, is why I consider this a strong diss. And I also consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

Should Nicki respond? I mean…it’s rap. She doesn’t really have a choice.

Or does she….

*goes back to listen again*



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