March 11, 2016 B.E. (Before Eshkoshka): Nickel Bag of Trump

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Back before this site was a thing, I used to spew much of my rhetoric on my “Straight From The Source” page on Facebook. Now I have moved on to Eshkoshka.

But sometimes FB will remind me, with its “On This Day” feature, of some interesting posts from the past; so I am sharing one from a year ago today.



Good Morning, Party People.

Glad to still be here to kick it with y’all…some others didn’t make it.

Remember that.


I’m feeling Nickel Bag-ish but gonna stick to one general topic. I am calling it:



1- Fayetteville Rally Protester Sucker Punched by Trump Supporter:

By now you’ve all seen the video. I’ve seen it at least 15 times. Crazy.

Here’s the thing for me though: it wasn’t until the 10th or so watch that it ALL clicked in my brain.

I am so used to seeing this stuff that it took multiple viewings for me to even realize the lengths of wrongdoing taking place.

The attacker was not questioned initially.

The one who got punched was taken down by multiple officers.

Now I know some of you hate doing this (many times I hate it myself) but…in your mind, make the attacker a person of color and the victim not.

The police would have whooped the dog sh!t out of the attacker on the spot.

On. The. Spot.

So to my friends who are asking folks to stop talking about race relations and the American way….



2- Dr. Ben Carson Publicly Endorses Donald Trump:

Wait. What?

Are we all a part of the biggest episode of Punk’d ever???? This is not real life.

Sure, I get that all of the Republican candidates have vowed to stand with whomever wins the nomination. But to come out early and rock with this man as if there is something fueling his popularity other than name recognition and hatred…that is just preposterous.

What was that word kids used back in the old days when one of their friends had them in a compromising position…to get them to stop? Oh yeah.



3- Another Day, Another G.O.P. Debate:

Welp. I guess John Kasich’s yang to the other 3’s yin in the last debacle (and the praise he gained from it) had an effect on last night’s action. Everyone was calm and respectful.

Add that to the fact that Rubio and, to a lesser degree, Cruz looked like lames trying to out-Trump Donald last time…and THAT didn’t work.

So where do they go next? Back to being somewhat civil.

Newsflash fellas: none of it is working. Hell, Trump is beating Rubio in Rubio’s state.

How do you get beat up in your own home?

How Sway…er, Marco?

Dude. Ever heard of UnderArmour???



4- The Non-Donald Side’s Race is Getting Thick:

The rumble between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is becoming more than political experts expected. And with a big win in Michigan, B-Sizzle is staking his claim.

The change in Sanders is clear. For many, he has gone from “unelectable” to “selectable” in a short time. And the knowledge of this seems to have built a newfound confidence in Sanders.

Meanwhile, the Black American’s allegiance to Clinton is in question. Talk of “super predators” and bills of the past have many asking this poignant question;

Are people confusing admiration for Bill Clinton with loyalty to Hillary?

And wait. Now there is a Democratic debate scheduled for Sunday in Ohio to discuss ‘Black people’ issues?

I need the Republican Party to have one of these. That would be must-see tv.

Can’t even disavow the Klan without first seeing if it hurts your numbers. Smh



5- Donald Trump’s Mission:

Serious question here.

Do you really think that Donald Trump would make a good President?


Think it through and tell me why.

Don’t say “he tells it like it is” because that statement is not rooted in anything concrete. I am begging for someone who supports this man to explain why him being President would be beneficial for the United States of America as a whole.

I do have my ideas though.



I’m done.

But I’m here.

So share your opinions.

…and SCENE.


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