KD: The Man Who Could Be King

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Last Summer the sports world was turned upside down when Kevin Durant announced his intentions to leave Oklahoma City and join forces with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the Golden State Warriors.

Both love and hate were immediately thrown in Durant’s direction. The love seemed to come from folks who believed KD was heading to the Warriors because it was the best all around situation for the former University of Texas Longhorn. The hate, on the other hand, came from everywhere else.

From Oklahoma City Thunder enthusiasts to NBA ‘competition’ pseudo-purists, many basketball lovers turned their backs on Durant as they feel he did to the Thunder.


Because the team he chose to join via free agency happened to be the team his Thunder pushed to the brink of elimination just weeks prior to his decision.

KD explained that Golden State made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Join our team that has appeared in the 2 most recent NBA Finals, winning one of the two, and we will defer to you. We, with unanimous MVP Steph Curry, top 2 defender in the league Draymond Green and arguably the best shooting guard in the league in Klay Thompson, will make your NBA existence easier.

And you wanted him to say no to that?

11 months later, here we are post-game 3 of the 2017 Finals. The Warriors have taken a 3-0 lead over the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kevin Durant is on the verge of:

1- winning his first NBA title

2- leading GSW to a 16-0 postseason record (first undefeated postseason in NBA history if they can accomplish it)


3- quite possibly being named NBA Finals MVP;

all while going shot-for-shot and moment-for-moment with the greatest current basketball player on the planet. And all of this is occurring in his first season in Oakland.

Still detractors make efforts to sully his reputation all in the name of “You joined the team who beat you.”

Here’s the thing. Kevin Durant sees the big picture. He sees the greatness that can be achieved, the history that can be made. And it looks like he sees the peace and comfort that can be had in the perfect situation.

This was that situation. And he was brave enough to make that leap regardless of the naysayers.

A title is within reach, and the opportunity for more is there as well.

Whether one views it as a sprint or a marathon, Kevin Durant is winning the race.

Are you not entertained?


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