Steve Bisciotti: Oh No Baby, What is You Doing?

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The Baltimore Ravens organization is funny.

These people, owner Steve Bisciotti in particular, are giving us an up close view at the confused state of America.

Long story short: Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is injured. They need a backup plan in case Flacco’s injury persists throughout the season. Fortunately for them, there is a quarterback who was one uncalled penalty away from a Super Bowl ring available. Seems like a no-brainer.

Problem is this… it’s Colin Kaepernick.


The alleged accomplice to murder who was later jailed for DUI manslaughter, suspended from the league for domestic violence, was charged for sucker punching a teammate during practice, and was arrested for multiple felony drug charges is the most qualified, unsigned person in America for the gig.

But because of Kaepernick’s criminal past, Bisciotti is gauging the public’s opinion on bringing such a deviant into the Baltimore locker room. The owner even threw out a “pray for us” request as he engaged the Raven fan base on this divisive decision that the organization is pondering.




Wait. I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

The drug charges? That was Raven (at the time of the incident) Matt Elam.

The attacking of his teammate? Steve Smith, Sr.

The domestic abuse was Ray Rice.

DUI manslaughter? That was Donte Stallworth.

And the alleged accomplice to murder? Ray Lewis.

Oh, and I didn’t even mention Terrell Suggs.

All of these guys were or are players for the Baltimore Ravens during and/or after their incidents. And one has a daggone statue in front of the stadium.

I could be wrong but…I don’t remember any public opinions being requested while deciding to sign/keep any of these players.

But the idea of signing a man who speaks against social injustices in America, is giving of his time and money to organizations that are fighting against the mistreatment of others, and who peacefully protested things that any person with an ounce of compassion realizes are wrong…that requires a billion dollar company to solicit the views of the public?

2 months ago I went in on the Seattle Seahawks for testing the waters by saying they were considering signing Kaepernick as opposed to simply making whatever decision they felt was best.

It’s a b.s. tactic made by grown business folks who are afraid of losing a few dollars by making the right move; so instead, they put out a ‘feeler’ to see how the people will react to the decision.

And here we are again with a second team doing it, but this time it’s even sadder.

Why? Because these Ravens have a legit absolute need. So much so that they’ve picked up 2 bums off the street to fill in for the time being. So clearly, it is not about Colin’s ability.

Listen, Bisciotti.

Either sign dude or don’t sign him. It’s whatever.

However, the fact that you’re looking for the fans to sign off on your decision before it’s even made is weak.

Tell us that you don’t know if Kaepernick’s style of play will work in your team’s system.

Tell us that you don’t know if the amount of attention is worth it in your eyes.

Hell, tell us you are jaded from the Ray Rice controversy.

But to be out here asking the fans how you should handle your business? That approach makes me want to research how you even made it to this position.

Because there is no way the man who co-founded Aerotek should be outchea asking the average football fan what he should do with his company; especially when the answer is obvious.


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