You Need to Cut(ler) iiiiiiit

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-Jay Cutler signs a 1 year, 10 million dollar deal (with incentives) in Miami-

After a preseason injury to Ryan Tannehill last week, the Miami Dolphins were suddenly in need of a qb. And while many are confused by their qb of choice being Jay Cutler (and not Colin Kaepernick), it was an easy and obvious call.

Miami Head Coach Adam Gase was Cutler’s Offensive Coordinator just 2 years ago in Chicago. Their relationship led to one of Cutler’s best NFL seasons.

And while I think Cutler is a horrible quarterback, Gase clearly doesn’t.

Whether Colin Kaepernick would have been Miami’s second choice or not, we will never know for sure. And at this point, it doesn’t matter. Because Gase was set on Cutler and reportedly wouldn’t take no for an answer. So this particular signing is not a smack in the face to Kaep and his stand against social injustice.

This just seems like the best football decision in the opinion of the Miami organization.

Now don’t get me completely wrong. This could simply be a perfect storm where Cutler’s availability saved the Dolphins from looking just like the Ravens.

But we don’t know that. And their business decision looks logical, so we can’t just holler “They shoulda signed Kaepernick” simply because we think Jay Cutler is trash.

I mean, we can…but we should let this one go.

There is no clear evidence of Miami doing anything but going after their first option. So let’s not make this particular signing about Kaep.

Instead, let’s just see how this one plays out.


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