“Virginia is For Lovers, But Trust There’s Hate Here”

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The events that happened in Charlottesville over the weekend are what happens when a group of people feels marginalized. Similar to what happened in Ferguson and Baltimore, just with less melanin and police militarization.

They feel small because the American dream has escaped them. They live in this bubble of rural America where they imagine all Blacks and the Mexicans (‘Mexicans’ is the catch all for anyone from a Spanish speaking country…let’s not complicate things with geography for them) living this fictional American dream in a Blaxican Utopia where Barack Obama is still president. Imagine how they would react if they felt this way for the last 400 years?

Unfortunately, their masochist nightmare is far from the reality of modern day America.

How emboldened are white supremacists now where they don’t feel the need to wear hoods anymore? The removal of the hoods demonstrates that these people aren’t the old toothless wonders you imagined. They are your neighbors, co-workers, students in your classes. It’s that constant barrage of daily microaggressions that you live with as a minority in this country.

But enough about everyday life…let’s talk about Charlottesville.

On Saturday, 45 continued his overwhelming support of the Alt-Right by not saying their names and rebuking their actions. When President Obama was in office, it was all about saying the name of Radical Islamic Terrorism. At least he was salient enough to actually have actions to destroy Islamic Radicals. This president – he’s weak on domestic terrorism.

After a lukewarm response on Saturday, he returned to the podium today and finally called the domestic terrorists by name.

Bravo for doing the most basic thing! It’s like scoring 100 on an open book test. You have the answers so YOU should do well. The fawning of the national media today over his statement is laughable at least. “He looks presidential” is the political equivalent of “deceptive speed”. Peak white male mediocrity.

Can we examine some of the failure points of Charlottesville?

Let’s talk about the lack of police involvement. The fact that the police, some probably Alt-Right supporters themselves, just let this happen. Did you see any tanks rolling through Charlottesville? The police trying to restrain some of their co-workers or family members (possibly) would make for an awkward Monday.

A group of white supremacists jumped a black man in a parking garage because why would they ever shoot the fair one?

For the cherry on top of this sh!t cake, they used an ISIS method of running over counter protesters with a car. That is literally from the ISIS playbook. Mr. President, call this what it is, Domestic Terrorism or your base.

“This is Virginia ni##a, we do this in Broad daylight”

Can we have a slow clap for VP Mike Pence saying he denounces white supremacists, Neo Nazi’s and the KKK only to follow it up with a but it’s the media’s fault? It’s the political version of “With all due respect…”.

It’s almost as if they are doing this on purpose. Pence’s penchant for white supremacy is wrapped in his bible; so for him to go all in against the Alt-Right is alienating his staunchest supporters. What’s a party to do when it wants the vote from the Alt-Right but only behind closed doors?

You do exactly what this administration is doing by putting Neo-Nazis in power and publicly ignoring their obvious influence.
Events like Charlottesville will continue to happen as long as our Executive Branch gives them a wink and nudge every time they step out of line. Charlottesville is actually a microcosm of America, progressive cities/town surrounded by rural areas who feel their America is slipping away. The irony is that the exact opposite is happening.

We have a President who is doing everything in his power to erase Barack Obama from history which is the shining light for minorities that anything is possible. The Trump Gang is doing everything in their power to extinguish that flame.

It’s Sad. Very Sad.

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