D-A-C-A: I Got Beef with the Feds and the D.A. (and the A.G. too)

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Does everything have to be political?

That is the question I ask as we, the American people, just watched 45 & company basically threaten deportation of Dreamers who were protected by DACA.

There is a great deal to this story of around 800,000 individuals who were most likely brought to America by their families as small children.

They have been raised here, been schooled here, had to jump through hoops to maintain their status here, and in many cases, shelled out hundreds or thousands of dollars to remain here.

Here’s the funny thing:

This clownish administration keeps saying “unlawful” and “failed” in regards to President Obama’s efforts regarding DACA. Yet in the same group of sentences, they speak to how much they care about those who will be affected by the ending of DACA. Maybe I’m missing something.

I mean…there is no real need for me to get all into the current administration’s efforts to erase Barack Obama’s achievements from history. I’m not sure anyone can even pretend that’s not what’s happening regularly.

The real question is this: Why is it that ‘allowing young people, who have done nothing wrong, to stay in the only country many of them know’ a political thing?

It seems more like a decent human thing.


I won’t act like I’m a DACA expert or that I understand the inner workings of international issues. But what I do know is that the application of common sense and common decency is anything but common these days.

45 decided this was the right time to bring this topic to light. It’s not like anything else is going on, right?

-North Korea

-Federal Budget

-Racial Tension

-Natural Disasters

Ya know. Golf trips aside, 45 is chillin I guess.

Anyway…do yourselves a favor and research DACA a bit.

I haven’t read or heard from a single person who believes yesterday’s decision was ok.

On the other hand, I didn’t hear from a bunch of people who voted in the 2016 Presidential Election until after the fact either.

I wonder why.



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