Take a Knee

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The American way of life and everything we hold dear continues to be under attack.

Dramatic? Kind of. But completely on point when you look at the American landscape as we know it.

Tweeter-in-chief 45 continues his onslaught on everyone who doesn’t look or think like him. He continues to burn bridges and now he attacks the players of the real American Pastime, football. He calls the mothers of the players —— in an astounding move during a political pep rally. Never in the history of political discourse have we seen someone demonstrate such disrespect to their political opponents. He’s not trying to burn bridges he’s trying to salt the land in which the bridges were built.

The sports and political world collided in all 3 major sports (sorry hockey, no one cares about you).

Bruce Maxwell, catcher for the Oakland A’s, took a knee during the National Anthem. He was the first player in the MLB to protest which is amazing since the MLB is an overwhelming minority and immigrant population. It’s kind of crazy that the first knee was taking by the most stereotypical white guy ever.

The next morning, 45 does the most high school female thing ever:

“Hey guys do you want to come to my party?”

“No, we’re not coming to your party.”

“Well it doesn’t matter because you’re not invited!”

That’s pretty much what happened with his WH invitation to the Golden State Warriors. The stars of GSW said earlier this year they weren’t going and Steve Kerr, being the front man for his team, agreed. They decided on Friday not to attend. And Friday night 45 disinvites guests that already weren’t coming.

This started a domino effect of opinions from many players; none larger than LeBron James who called the president a bum. Which honestly, is hilarious that:

a) the largest star in the athletic world insulted the president;

b) he chose bum…which for some reason is never not funny.

Sports fans, that’s just Friday and Saturday. Sunday, things escalated quickly.

Across the world (remember there was a game in London) we saw protests break out during the National Anthem. The Ravens and the Jaguars started the wave by kneeling, and it continued throughout every single game played yesterday. Some players felt the need to kneel, some locked arms with heads bowed and some teams didn’t come out for the anthem at all. Of course, 45 likes to dictate terms of protests and said that the locked hands protests were ok but not kneeling.

This wasn’t a time for people to choose the middle. Pick a side no matter how uncomfortable and stay. There is a segment of the country who exists in this bubble of privilege where the sheer thought of any attack on said privilege is an attack on the “American” way. That makes them uncomfortable…because they want to wrap their privilege into patriotism.

Now we have this outcry of ‘stick to sports’ or ‘no protests on the job’ narratives that have been permeating into the conservative media stream.

Sports is a place of escapism – supposedly. But maybe it shouldn’t be a place where you completely escape the realities of the world. Because during sports events, we march our military vets with missing limbs out there to bring home the reality of a world in peril. We spotlight heroes in various forms from fireman to regular civilians doing extraordinary things. We are not supposed to turn that same spotlight in the challenges in America.

Unfortunately people, the world isn’t a fairy tale. The world isn’t full of dogs rescuing kids from wells. The real world is unarmed minorities being abused by police departments, immigrants’ way of life being threatened daily, and a rise in white supremacist groups that are emboldened by 45.

No, I don’t want you to use sports as a way to escape. I want you, those who think ‘stick to sports’, to know that everything isn’t all good. The red of the flag that you worship is filled with spilled blood of people that not only fought for our freedoms abroad, but the blood that has spilled on our own soil from those who continue to fight for the rights of ALL. If you want white escapism, watch golf or hockey. Don’t watch a sport where oppression continues to happen to the work force and expect them to be silent. Start listening for once instead of stuffing your ears with the flag you love so much.

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