Nickel Baggin on E(shkoshka): 5:55

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If I remember correctly, Jay-Z titled his “4:44” song that because he woke up at 4:44am and wrote it. Hence, today’s 5:55.

Nickel Bag of Funk could be a 20 sack today with all that has popped off, but we will keep it at 5 topics for the sake of my own sanity. Off we go!

1- Ray Lewis is an opportunist.

I don’t even know if HE believes anything he says and/or does at this point.

Dude. You were just talking slick about this whole situation. Now you are kneeling with the players? What?

I’ve curved my use of foul language so much over the past 2 or so years.

But for you, Raymond, I have one good “Get the F*ck outta here with that Bull Sh!t” to spare.

It’s sad to see someone use popularity and bootleg bible verses for personal gain by falsely representing so much to so many. Is he trying out to be a pastor of a megachurch?

In the words of Alexander O’Neal:

“You’re a fake, baby/

You can’t conceal it/

Know how I know?/

Cuz I can feel it”


2- Y’all are gonna stop posting these statements from NFL owners and pictures of owners kneeling and locking arms with athletes like they suddenly GAF.

Did they care before their employees and their own business practices were directly and personally called out?


Are they still hiring trash quarterbacks and skipping right over CK7?


So now they care? About what? Oh yeah, money.

“It all comes down to the money/

Whether it’s rainy or snowy or sunny”


3- Speaking of fake, phony owners…Jerry Jones and his Cowboys taking a knee BEFORE the anthem is the most hedging my bet, “Is this good enough?” moment of week 3 in the NFL.

And didn’t dude give 45 a million dollars for his campaign? Now you mad at your boy? Kind of? A little bit maybe?

Old passive aggressive kneeling. The hell does kneeling for 3 seconds before the anthem is played even mean? Just lame in my humble opinion.

“He’s phony, she’s fake/

That’s the type of people I hate”

4- San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is…and I am not a fan of this word but nothing else quite encompasses what I’m saying so well…WOKE!!!!!!!!!!

For an older, privileged male who doesn’t give interviews very often, this gentleman always speaks fire like fact and fact like fire. My man nailed all of my personal talking points in one fell swoop.

Between Pop and Steve Kerr, I know there is a semblance of hope for the world.

Ok, there’s actually no hope for equality…ever, but I don’t want y’all to think I’m pessimistic soooo, yeah. Hope for the world daggone it. 👀

5- Mr. Shannon Sharpe is becoming a superhero in my mind. Recently, he has been a leading proponent of all that is real when it comes to soorts and race relations in America. He has shown love to Colin Kaepernick while showing disdain for his own actual real-life friend, The Opportunist aka Ray Ray.

The only person in this world that I personally consider a role model is Tony Dungy. But if the former NFL’er turned Fox Sports personality keeps this up, I might have to make room for the good brother.

Thank you, Shannon Sharpe!

Love to all.

Stay motivated.


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