Too Soon?

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More than 50 people were killed and more than 500 people were injured in the Las Vegas massacre that many of us awakened to yesterday.

I won’t mention the name of the shooter because there is no need. What I will mention is that the shooter was a 64 year old White male who was armed with 23 rifles and ammo for days.

Listen. I’m gonna be honest with y’all. And I need you to read every word.

This is a horrible moment in American history. And what scares people most is that this could have occurred anywhere in America, at any time to any group of people gathered for any event.

But let me tell you how things like this play out in a minority individual’s mind.

-Shock and disbelief

-Realization of what has happened



-Hope(s) that the person responsible isn’t a minority

(and not necessarily in that order)

Black, Muslim, LGBTQ, Immigrant, whatever. Because if the shooter was anything other than a White male, the why would be assumed more than it would be questioned.

“Black Lives Matter did it.”

“It was ISIS.”

“He hated people he thought were less accepting of his lifestyle.”

“See. This is why we need to build that wall.”

It would instantly become a condemnation of a group of people as opposed to a ‘lone wolf’ act.

No. At this moment, none of those options are readily available to cloud the already murky ideas of the why.

And for the attack to occur at an event that we can all agree was most likely predominantly White people?

My goodness.

If this was a hip hop festival, the perceived violence in the music would be a topic of discussion. It would still be scary and sad; just with a hint of ‘they brought it on themselves’ mixed in.

No. It was a country music festival.

There are no outlying groups to blame. Well…unless you are Pat Robertson and decide to tell the world that God is punishing America for its treatment of 45.

WATCH: Pat Robertson blames Vegas shooting on ‘disrespect’ for Trump and the national anthem

Yeaaaaaah nahhhhhh.

Hold up. Does Pat’s version of God believe slavery was wrong?

Picture it. A God that lets a country founded on stolen land and slavery flourish, but that same country is punished for its treatment of a man who………….nevermind.

If that’s the case, we have even bigger problems…but I digress.

For many people, there are 2 obvious discussions that are long avoided and often slanted but overdue.

Mental health and gun control.

Not hotel security. Not the structuring of high rise buildings. Sure, those can be secondary discussions if one chooses. But let’s get to the root cause(s).

Mental health.


Gun control.

Because a White man shooting into a crowd of predominantly White people has no other agenda for the world to falsely blame in this scenario. But feel free to make one up as we go along.


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