NFL Wrap Up Week 11: Necessary Roughness

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At the beginning of the season, I told y’all that I wasn’t gonna do my infamous NFL recaps this go round because it just wasn’t worth it.

A lot went into those; so after 5 or so years of breaking down the NFL week that was every Monday, I moved on. But this week deserves a little something. So let me drop this on y’all real beastie like. Mmmm….

Quick shout to the Steelers for putting something tough on Tennessee. And that one handed helmet catch by Nino errr Antonio Brown was a thing of beauty.

Not sure which Pittsburgh offense will show up any given week; but when the good one shows, it’s curtains for defenses around the league.


“…everything you think about is gonna crumble.”

In “The Color Purple” that was Celie to Albert. In 2017 that’s karma to Washington.

It is not easy to blow a 31-16 lead with under 3:30 left in the game, but Jay Gru and the crew made it happen. Them DC boys took that 34-31 L in ot to the New Orleans Saints.

Oh, that karma I mentioned? That’s just for Dan Snyder’s refusal to consider changing the team name. But I ain’t one to gossip, so y’all ain’t hear that from me.

sn: Stop blaming Kirk Cousins for every single thing that happens to this team. My mans balled out Sunday (22-32 3td 0 int), yet DC fans are pointing the finger at him. Does he play defense too?


Everybody is gonna look at the Philly-Dallas score and say “Dallas sucks” and “The Eagles are the best team in the NFL.”

First, yes Dallas does suck…without Zeke. And a competent left tackle. And their All-World middle linebacker. And I will continue to say that Dak Prescott, for as good and respected as he is, cannot carry the load of an offense without a running game. He isn’t that guy. Word to Demi Lovato.

The Eagles do have the best record in the league, but I wouldn’t be sizing Super Bowl rings just yet. The NFC playoffs is gonna be like The Hunger Games. And when it comes to Super Bowl history, it’s more like ‘may the odds be NEVER in your favor.’ But they are doing their darndest to prove otherwise this season as Philly sits at 9-1.


2 of those other legit NFC squads faced off Sunday. And while both are still real in my opinion, one is looking like the shonuff troof.

Minnesota smacked the Rams 24-7 in a matchup of 7-2 teams. Between home field advantage, Adam Thielen, and a spectacular defense, the Vikings are “really really really real, y’all.” – Grand Puba

Whoever is spreading the rumor of benching Case Keenum because Teddy Bridgewater is healthy is ignant. Keenum is looking like Aaron Rodgers or somebody out there (280 yards passing, 20 rushing), and the whole Vikes’ team has responded to him.

On the other side, don’t write off the Rams because of an off week in a tough environment. Even though the team that averages 30+ ppg could only muster up 7, you better be careful with them. They are young and hungry. A bad week was bound to happen sooner or later.


In Mexico, New England proved to still be New England by smacking Oakland back to the Bay 33-8. Many of us had the Raiders as that squad going into this season.

Yeah, about that. #VivaLosPatriotas


Salute to the New York football Giants. Thanks to Mother Nature (crazy wind) and a standout effort by the D, those 1 win Giants pulled off a 12-9 overtime victory over Kansas City. Maybe Coach McAdoo hasn’t completely lost the locker room yet. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are looking for the life alert button. Because they’ve fallen (lost 4 of their last 5) and can’t get up.


Ok last story.

Coach Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills decided to bench Tyrod Taylor, after a horrific effort last week, and go with rookie Nathan Peterman. On the road. Across country. While sitting in a ‘if the season ended today, we are in the playoffs’ position.

While personally I am not sure Taylor is a really good NFL qb, I am sure that the last few pathetic efforts by the Bills have been mostly on the defense.

Going into this game, Tyrod had thrown 10 tds and only 3 picks all season.

Nathan Peterman said “3 picks in 9 games?…”

…and took to the field.

3 picks in one quarter and 5 in the half later……….Taylor is back out there to start the 3rd quarter.

Chargers 54

Bills 24.

All I can imagine is McDermott thinking he was pulling a ‘Jim Harbaugh’. Remember when Jim benched Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick and went to the Super Bowl?

Well Nathan Peterman is no Colin Kaepernick. Mainly because Peterman is in the NFL and somehow Kaep still is not.

But that’s another story for another day.

Alright y’all.

I’m done.

This was fun. Thanks to my man, Kyle, for suggesting I throw one out there.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…already in progress.


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