Songs in the Key of Source: Y’all Don’t Know Good Music

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So I was in the group chat talking to some of my homeboys (yes homeboy is still in this man’s lexicon…for better or for worse) when one of them made a statement.

What the statement was is not relevant to you, just know that moment led me to quote the song I’m dropping on y’all today.

Side note: I had plans of hitting you with my favorite 5 Christmas joints, but that can wait.

Anyway, today’s song is special to me. I guess that is obvious or it wouldn’t be a Song in the Key of Source, now would it?

Let me share something else with y’all real quick though.

Andre 3000 is one of my favorite emcees of all time. Yes y’all know that already, but for real, let’s be 100% clear.

Prior to ATLiens, Big Boi was more ‘the guy’ than Dre. BUT even more than that, the best emcee in the Dungeon Family camp at that time was neither of them.

It was Mr. Cee-lo Green.

I know some of y’all thought Cee-lo was just the weird little singing guy from Gnarles Barkley who was a coach on “The Voice” at one time but…if you don’t know about Cee-lo Green as The Goodie Mob rapper, then you don’t know about Mr. Green at all.

And that brings me back to my SITKOS for today.

Every verse lives on its on plateau, every emcee did his thing, and this song (track 2 on their debut album “Soul Food”) along with track 1 where Cee-lo sung “I wanna be freeeee” set the table for one of the most underappreciated pieces of work in hip hop history.

T-Mo, Khujo, Big Gipp, Cee-lo and the very first inkling of Dre becoming Andre 3000:

Today’s joint is…

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