Hate to be a Prisoner of the Moment But…

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Look y’all.

I am not big on hyperbole, so please hear me clearly.

Black Thought may have recently dropped the G.F.O.A.T.

Yes. Quite possibly the greatest freestyle of all time.

If you know The Roots, then you know that they are the best hip hop band of all time. Bar none. And if you’ve never seen them live, well…your loss.

But because of these things and the crew always being considered a collective as opposed to the indiviual artists that create it, people tend to overlook the superior emcee that Black Thought is.

Well, overlook no longer.

10 minutes of daggone near perfection in all aspects of a being dope rapper.

Multiple flows, sharp punchlines, similes, metaphors, bragging rights talk, breath control, depth of topic, voice, and enough ill wordplay to let you know that dude is way smarter than you and me.

This is what I would call a Master Class in the art of being an emcee.

Prisoner of the moment? Maybe.

Nah forget that.

THIS may just be the greatest freestyle of all time.

Shoutout to Funk Flex for getting Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought on his show.

Watch what happens when you hone and perfect your craft.

Riq ain’t none of y’all’s peer. He’s the sum of all fears.



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