A Christmas Miracle: Hug It Out, Gentlemen

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Forget the backstory.

Forget the names.


Just appreciate the moment.

This is a beautiful thing that we, as humans, don’t allow ourselves to experience enough.

As people, moreover as men, even more specifically as Black men, apologies to one another are few and far between.

Allowing oneself to not only outwardly express our feelings but to be accepting of another’s apology without qualification…that is rare.

And let’s not even talk about the act of shedding tears…

A lot of beefs, a lot of situations that have led to dead friends/loved ones/associates could have been easily avoided if we could put aside the tough facade and show a little humility.

Not saying we all have to get along or like every single person we encounter. That is not possible.

But not every disagreement has to become “a thing”. And not every “thing” has to continue and grow into something bigger.

Sometimes it just takes a simple apology to make things that were once wrong, right.

I’ve already seen the jokes about this particular video. There’s always a good laugh to be had, but more often there is a valuable lesson in there too.

Don’t miss the lesson. ✌


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