You Can DO What You Wanna Do…In Living Color

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I understand.

Sometimes you see someone on tv, or hear their voice, or just get a vibe from someone and it’s over. You don’t rock with that person. I get it.

That being said…I love me some Cardi B, and I cannot even tell you why for real.

She has a rap sheet of qualities I would not want in a family member, friend, associate, co-worker, or cashier at any convenience store, Chipotle, or anywhere else. And her rapping skills aren’t even all that great.

But daggone it, she is my girl.

Between her facial expressions, her voices, her extra-ness, and her hustle; I love me some Cardi B.

And apparently, I am not the only one.

Here’s the thing: I am not even sure where she came from. I think it’s one of those horrible Blaxploitation reality tv shows Vh1 or somebody has. But I wouldn’t bet my life on that since I don’t watch any of them.

Doesn’t even matter. What does matter is this: watching someone come up from nothing to anything more than that is dope. And whether I would invite to dinner, want her around my kids, trust her to babysit my lil cousins or not (a thunderous NOT would be my response), the fact is this:¬†Cardi makes me happy, sooooo…sue me.

Side note: Ol’ girl has a new joint with that dude aka Bruno Mars. If this doesn’t at least change your mind about Cardi B for the moment, nothing will.


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