Nickel Baggin on a Super Bowl Weekend

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What’s Goodie, Party People?

I’ve been slackin on my mackin as you can see. There have been a few less drops recently because, well…life comes at you fast. I’m just trying to keep up.


It ain’t easy being a one man band, but we will get back in stride with more frequent drops soon enough.

But for now let’s Super Bowl, I mean, Nickel Bag this thang real quick one time. And it goes a little something like this.

Hit it.

1- Old Heads Go HAM after Jay-Z Wins Zero Grammys-

Seems like every middle aged hip hop lover gives af about the cot d*mn Grammys these days. Sorry, Chuck D. Unfortunately, Jay-Z’s critically-acclaimed “4:44” album didn’t bring home any of the 8 awards Hov was nominated for.

This topic deserves its own post but I’ll be brief. While this album was dope, a breath of fresh air and Hov at his most mature and vulnerable, it wasn’t even top 5 Jay albums. Our need for ‘our’ kind of music in this day of mumble rap may be clouding some folk’s views. Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar were deserving of the accolades they received, my friends. Salute them and appreciate the fact that the G.O.A.T. emcee received 8 nominations in rap at daggone near 50 years old. That is a beautiful thing.


Speaking of music…

2- “Nas Live From The Kennedy Center: Classical Hip Hop” Airs Tonight-

YES. The special will have Nasir Jones performing his timeless classic album “Illmatic” while being backed by the National Symphony Orchestra.

Show airs tonight at 9pm.

I might shed a tear. We are HERE, and we ain’t…going nowhere.



3- The Simone Biles Movie Premieres This Weekend-

The superstar gymnast has earned Olympic Gold, and now, her own movie. Biles’ story, entitled “Courage to Soar”, seems like it will be in the same vein as the Gabby Douglas movie as far as quality. Take that however you like. But I actually enjoyed Gabby’s movie with my fam and plan to do the same with Simone’s movie.

It will air Saturday night on Lifetime.



4- State of NO Union is More Like it-

Y’all boy 45 delivered his first State of the Union address earlier this week. I didn’t watch it and don’t care what he said. It’s safe to assume that it was probably 10% truth, 90% fake news, and 100% not worth my time this year. I’ll catch the next one. Yeah. That’s it.


And last but not least…

5- Super Bowl Sunday is Almost Here-

Y’all know what it is. My Philadelphia Eagles are back in the Big Game and looking to win its 1st Super Bowl.

Question: How come everybody cracks jokes about my #BirdGang being ringless when there are 13 teams without a SB win? Well, 13 until Sunday anyway. 👀

I was gonna have a party, but I would hate to have to kick people out in the 3rd quarter if things go left. Or if they say the wrong thing. Or if they won’t stop talking about commercials. Or…yeah. It’s probably best that I sit home and yell at the tv like a crazy person. Alone.

I’ll just have to catch up with everybody via social media because I doubt I would be the most hospitable host this Sunday.

3 words, Eagles. Finish the job.



Enjoy your weekend, folks. I know I will.



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