Dear NBC: Eff Y’all

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Man listen.

It has been a lifetime of #BirdGang love for the kid. And finally after all these years, we got one.

My Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl 52 last night over the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33. It was a great game filled with big time plays, comebacks, drama, and everything we all hope for from a championship matchup.

I managed to enjoy every moment of the game AND get some cardio in by running all through the crib every time Philly made a big play. lol

The Pats tried a Hail Mary at the end, but it fell to the ground and the clock struck zero. Kobe speaks for all of us here:


Philadelphia Eagles. World Champions. Wow.

The phone calls, texts, social media tags, DMs, IMs, AMs, PMs…ALL the Ms started rolling in. All love. All appreciated.

But NBC though? NBC just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Instead of letting my fellow Eagles’ faithful and I enjoy this momentus occasion, they just HAD to do the only thing that could put a halt to our celebration.

They aired a new episode of “This is Us” and finally showed the world how Jack died.

Really, NBC? Really?

This is what we are doing right after one of the best Super Bowls in recent history?

Dawg. I was all over the place.

Joy and pain. Sunshine and rain. I didn’t even check out NFL Network after the show ended. Just had to let that “so that’s how Jack Pearson died” feeling linger.

Now I can’t front. It was dope how y’all took video from the game that had just ended and incorporated it into the show.

Look at that.

But nah. Ain’t no compliments for real.

Y’all stole our moment. And let’s be honest. Waiting to watch “This is Us”, and risking the chance of one of our ‘can’t wait to ruin a great television moment by telling it’ friends blabbing on social media, really wasn’t an option, now was it?

But y’all knew that.

That’s why I’m boycotting y’all.

…til tomorrow night when another new episode of “This is Us” comes on anyway.

Sue me.


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