My Trump Administration Playlist

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As the longest running season of the reality show lingers on, this White House version of “The Apprentice” just gets better and better…or worse and worse (your call) pending your angle.

The most notable change this season is the addition of the “I Quit” tagline which is now as popular as the “You’re Fired” one.

So much so, in fact, that I decided to put together a nice hip hop playlist for America’s favorite show based on the historic amount of folks who have parted ways with this Administration thus far.

This is my “Exit Strategies” playlist for 45’s cast…or at this point, castoffs.

DJ drop that beat!

1- The way things are going in the political realm, many Republicans in the game are


2- After hearing the words ‘Russia’ and ‘collusion’ too many times, folks are starting to


3- When things get this bad, you gotta watch your own back. Simply put, you


4- So instead of hanging around, some are like “I’m


5- No need for an Uber. Instead just


6- Seriously. Ain’t gotta wait for the whole joint to burn down. Time to


7- Sure. 45 might act like folks weren’t qualified or valuable to him once they


8- However it is times like these when individuals can turn to ole boy and let him know how they really feel like


9- Then once they exit the premises and the sunlight hits them in the face, they might wanna take a moment to just

But know this: WE don’t rock with you either. Good luck.



…….oh and in case anyone forgot,

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