Thieves in the Night: Stealing Lives

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About 20 years ago on one of my favorite songs, Mos Def said “the length of Black life is treated with short worth.”

Facts. And 20 years later, that has not changed.

Need proof?


1- Stephon Clark

Last week this young Sacramento man was shot 20 times by police in his own backyard. The officers approached Clark because he was a suspect in regards to a vandalism call made to 911.

Clark had no weapon. 3 seconds after police approached the suspect, the officers unloaded a total of 20 shots into his body.

I’ll be brief.

Somehow, boys and men who are not Black can have a visible arsenal of weapons on their person, be in the midst of shooting people, and in some cases shoot at officers, yet somehow they end up in handcuffs. Not bodybags.

Since when is vandalism a death sentence?

For some it has never been. For others, it might just be…just like any other encounter with law enforcement.

“The length of Black life is treated with short worth”


2- Alton Sterling

Remember him? Taken down by 2 officers…no visible weapon…shot and killed by police. This was right before Philando Castille was murdered by the officer in Minnesota. Sound familiar?

Surprise! The officer(s) who killed Sterling will not be charged.

The details of the decision are sketchy at best. And for some reason, the videos from the store surveillance camera and the body cameras from the officers have never been released.

Add to that, there is a story saying one of the officers pointed his gun at Sterling and threatened to shoot him prior to the scuffle.

The fact that the decision rendered also declared,

“We have concluded that the officers in question acted as reasonable officers under existing law and were justified in their use of force”

is enough to make some people give up on the idea of equality.

“The length of Black life is treated with short worth”


While we understand and appreciate the stress, the patience, the understanding, the intelligence, the conscious efforts to be on the side of what is right, the levels of danger, the sacrifice, the energy and all of the intangibles that it requires to be a police officer…we’d hope that the disconnect between some officers and the communities they may serve is recognized as well.

Something is not right.

The White House called these types of shootings a “local issue.”

I beg to differ.

It’s an America issue.



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