Hollywood Divorce

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Quick survey by show of hands:

How many of you have parents that were married and then got divorced when you were a kid?

Second question: How many of you were in a marriage yourself that ended in divorce?

Ok I don’t actually see any hands up, but I’d guess that as many of us have been through one or both of these scenarios as neither.

Well one of my favorite television shows, “black-ish”, has decided to switch gears from feel good comedy to taking viewers inside of a marriage that is falling apart right before our eyes.

The usually happy, healthy, and hilarious Johnson clan is in the midst of trying to avoid what 53% of marriages in the United States end up in……divorce.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rate In The World


As far as “black-ish” is concerned; I, for one, am not happy.

How are show creator Kenya Barris and crew just gonna snatch the victory of a seamless marriage (not to mention the angles of Black Marriage, Black Love, the Educated Black Family, Black Excellence, and the overall Winning While Black aura of it) from us?

We NEED that.

And all for a realistic look at how easily something that was once good on the inside and looked good from the outside can fall apart?

*wonders if the sarcasm but not really sarcasm font working. No? Oh.*

Ok sure. It is groundbreaking. There is that.

A tv marriage is crumbling without the regular old, obvious blame magnet of a sidepiece. So many times we hear that real life marriages that have ended because of infidelity were dead before infidelity was even in the mix. I get it.

And sure, it is very good, important content as always.

Watching the husband and wife fight with each other while also fighting for their marriage while hiding it all from the children is heavy. And real.

But I’m still not ok with it.

Maybe my being part of the general statistic is why.

Shoot. My parents split when I was like 7. But I don’t have any of those “happy family” type memories that would click some sort of trigger in my subconscious soooo…nah. That can’t be it.

Maybe it is the quick turnaround time from happy family to trouble in paradise. I mean, 3 episodes ago they were all good.  But for the past 2 eps, the couple’s relationship has been like an amateur skiing the slalom; going downhill fast and getting out of control quickly.

The reality is that the things we may consider insignificant can suddenly become catalysts for relationship changing arguments if we let them. It doesn’t take much sometimes.

Or maybe it is just watching Andre and Rainbow Johnson, one of my favorite television couples, struggle. They are the modern day Cliff and Claire Huxtable.

(Save your jokes)

And while “black-ish” is not the biggest show on television the way “The Cosby Show” was at its peak, it is definitely a leader in regards to portraying original views of everyday topics…not exclusively for but especially for Black America.

But again, as far as this divorce stuff goes, I’m still not happy…and I’m still not sure why.


The “Collateral Damage” episode of “black-ish” will be the third look at the Johnson family in crisis, and it premieres Tuesday, May 8th at 9pm on ABC.

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