Nickel Baggin on E: You Gots to Chill

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It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a Nickel Bag of Funk on the good people of Eshkoshkaland (it’s like a cross between Disneyland and Shondaland but for words—fun, right?), but today feels like one of those days.

So let’s get to it; starting with the real ish.

1- Naked Man Killed by Police

While I am a person who can appreciate the constant danger and unpredictability one who chooses the job of police officer is subject to, I also have no problem discussing the misuse of power/deadly force we see all too often these days.

That said, I don’t know what to do with this story. Like…how did this happen?

What made this high school teacher get out of his car on the highway? Why was he naked? And how did this situation escalate from tasers not working on the unarmed man to gunshots that eventually killed him?

Did he actually harm anyone?

It seems he was in the midst of a mental crisis.

And if he was in crisis, what less appropriate way could we have found to acknowledge Mental Health Awareness Week than this?

This story really bothers me. Condolences to the family.

2- 45 Referred to Some Immigrants as Animals

Will somebody please tell this guy that his reality show days are over? He can’t be outchea using that type incendiary language when he is sitting in the seat of an actual leader.

Oh, he can? That’s who he is? That’s what he does? Gotcha.

Who elected this man?

Nevermind. I know who.

…speaking of incendiary language…

3- White Fragility is on Full Display-

Pick an incident, any incident:

The Oakland cookout, the attorney inside the NYC eatery, the neighbor harassing the real estate investor, the golfers, the Airbnb thing, the former White House employee moving into his new home, the college tour incident…Jesus on the main line, White America.

Y’all are serious about keeping this “Police shoot person of color” theme going, huh?

Do me a favor. If you are gonna call the po-po for everything and everybody, at least stop lying about the situation.

Police show up expecting a confrontation with an unstable gunman. A basic infraction (more commonly known as a while lotta nothing) becomes someone’s last moments of life partially because a caller to 911 misled the authorities and heightened the intensity of a situation that wasn’t even worth the phone call in the first place.

You know the police are busy dealing with actual criminal activity, right?

Sit your privileged hind parts down somewhere.

…alright, let’s see if we can lighten the mood a bit…

4- Yanny or Laurel?-

Or as I like to call it…

5- The NBA Conference Finals are Lit, But Chill with the Overreactions-

After the first game in the West, the world decided that suddenly Houston was going to get swept by Golden State. What happens next? Houston wins game 2 in blowout fashion. smh

2 games into the Eastern matchup, the world has decided that Cleveland is done and Boston will win the series.

And while the Celtics are up 2-0, I’d say folks should relax.

Sure, the Cavs look troubled. And maybe this IS it for them.

But realize this: all that has happened so far is Boston won 2 games at home.

That’s it.

This may indeed be the last hurrah for King James in a Cleveland uniform, but I won’t be one to count dude out until the fat lady is midway through her second verse.

And just like that…gone, with the wind.


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