Memorial Day Nickel Baggin

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A quick holiday Monday shot in the form of a Nickel Bag Of Funk is upon us.

“Check it” – Shaq

1- Start out your holiday by reading this definition of Memorial Day below:

“A day on which those who died in active military service are remembered.”

Yeah we love Memorial Day because it gives many of us an added day off, and it is the unofficial lead into warm weather shenanigans…but it is MUCH bigger than just that.
So if you can find a way to celebrate, appreciate and/or recognize someone who died in the line of active duty, do it.
Some of our freedoms came at their expense.

Ok. On a less serious note (but still serious)…

2- Don’t drink and drive:

Know that there will be checkpoints. Everywhere.
Don’t be outchea leaving the family cookout after drinking 6 beers and 2 shots putting the rest of our lives (and your own) at risk by getting behind the wheel.
I have things to do in June. And so do you. Be safe and be smart.
Oh and did I mention 5-0 is already out and waiting on you?

Did I mention cookout? Well in that case, let me get this shot off…

3- Do not show up at somebody’s event (some call em BBQs, I call em cookouts) without a contribution:

If you wanna show up at a friend/neighbor/family member’s house eating up all the good food and drinking all the good likkas, at least bring SOMETHING.

Beer, sodas, macaroni n cheese, a salad, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, pasta, burgers, chicken legs, a watermelon, chips…something.
How are you gonna roll up empty handed?
And you KNOW you are gonna fix bout 2-3 plates when it’s time to leave.

This next one could be 3b but let’s call it number…

4- If you contributed to a dish being brought to a cookout but someone else is carrying it, be SURE to stay near that person and said dish until it is handed over to the host:
I put $20 on them ribs but everybody’s looking at me like “He ain’t eeen bring nothing.”
Imma stand right by the person I went in with til the host loudly says “Thanks, y’all” and I will be the first to say “You’re welcome!”

Ain’t gonna have these people looking at me like the deadbeat member of this here congregation.

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. Haha.
And last but not least…

5- Don’t let an extra day off from work go to waste:
Whether it is a project you’ve been meaning to start, some Spring cleaning, hanging out with fam or even if it is simply chillaxing (do people actually say chillax though?) and recharging your internal battery. Whatever you do today, do it purposefully. Do it by choice.
That should probably be an everyday mantra for all of us, huh?

“Truuuue” – 2 Chainz

Respect to all the soldiers out there.
R.I.P to the fallen.
Thank you all for your service.

That’s it from me.

I shall holla at y’all later.

“…God willing and the creek don’t rise.”


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