Roseanne Goes Roseanne

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Daggone it, Roseanne.

You just couldn’t roll with the fact that some of us were actually watching the show and trying to support the others involved;

-Sara Gilbert (Executive Producer)

-Wanda Sykes (Head Writer)

among others……and all the while wondering “Should we even be watching this ish?”

But nah. Instead, you had to do what it seems folks like you do.

Get comfortable reeeal quick.

This is a living example of why some of us laugh when people push the “We can all coexist regardless of our politics” mantra.

Sure, we can coexist if your views are different.

The problem arises when the root of your views stem from ideas that are hateful, bigoted, racist, and flat out ignorant.

And not necessarily the “I didn’t know” ignorant either.

More the “They’re different than us, so I hate them” ignorant.

The “I’m proud to be ignorant and nobody’s gonna stop me” ignorant.

That’s actually not even being ignorant for real. That is being stupid.

And while you can fix a lot of things, you can’t fix stupid.

F*** outta here.


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