Nickel Baggin Game 1 of the NBA Finals

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What a fun start to the NBA Finals.

“So much going on/

People killing, people dying” – Q-Tip

Here are a few of my thoughts about what took place last night in Oaktown.


1- Jay Arrah, Jay Arrah, Jay ARRAH:

Bruh. I actually feel bad for Earl.

He clearly thought his squad was up and tried to dribble the clock out. It was a monumentally boneheaded error.

But let’s not act like he is the first person to do this.

Still, JR is an easy target AND it just happened so. Memes for days.

Side note: George Hill missed the daggone free throw. He gets to skate while JR gets hammered?

*insert Hennessy joke here*

2- Tristan Thompson Going HAM:

People seem to have missed what Tristan did to get ejected. Let’s review.

Livingston shot. Thompson led with the elbow towards Livingston’s face. And this was right after the Curry-Bron-Klay back n forth.

It was clearly on purpose. Problem for him was the ref had a perfect view of it.

Outta here (will prolly be reduced to a flagrant 1).

Post-ejection, where TT was already acting out of character, Draymond was talking ish to him while clapping near him and looking away.

TT figured “why not, I’m already ejected” and mushed the ball into Green’s face AND snuck him…all in one motion (which will lead to a possible 1 game suspension anyway).

Khloe: Hide your kid, hide yourself. Tristan outchea attacking everybody.

3- The Conspiracy Theorists are LIT:

JR made a foolish mistake. Fix.

Refs overturned the charge call. Fix.

Now…let’s try logic.

If there was a daggone FIX, it would be in favor of Cleveland. Who the hell fixes a game for the series to be shorter and for the most talented team to win a game they could have lost? Hustling backwards.

A Cleveland win on the road pushes this series to a guaranteed 5 and probable 6.

Your logic makes no sense. Stop it.

4- The Charge/Block Rule Under 2 Minutes:

Nobody but the refs knew the actual rule. We all have learned that once the refs decided to review the call, they could review all of it. They did what the rules allowed them to do, and they made a decision.

At first view, I thought it was a charge too.

The refs were not in agreement on what the right call was. And they wanted to get it right.

They reviewed the call as did I. And guess what?

It was a 50/50 call. But the ability to review the 50/50 call gave them a chance to see that Bron was moving and was not squared up with KD.

BLOCK. It was the right call…but the timing of the whole thing was rough. Looked bad but they handled it by the book.

5- Leeeeee. Bronnnn. JAAAAAMMMMES:

As comedian Josh Pray stated, Lebron James is everything.

We are not gonna sit here and revisit Bron’s value or greatness every daggone day, but shoot; if you refuse to appreciate what dude has done, is doing, and did last night (51-8-8), it’s your loss.

“If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack/

Maybe you’ll love him when he fades to black”



P.S. Let’s not overlook the fact that Cleveland could be up 1-0 right now. Golden State has some real work to do before game 2.


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