Nickel Baggin Before Game 4

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I’m light on time but heavy on thoughts about a WHOOOLLLE lotta things.

For the moment, I will stick with the topic of the NBA Finals.

Walk with me.

Not walk like travel by picking up the ball and taking three steps or switching your pivot foot either.


1- Blame the Refs? Really?

While the refs haven’t been perfect, my social media timeline tells me the refs have been fair. Because half of the people say the refs are cheating for Cleveland, and the other half say the refs are cheating for Golden State.

Yep. Seems pretty even to me.


2- Kevin Durant’s Move To the Bay:

Some folks believe KD’s move to the Warriors was twinkie filling. I disagree.

Riddle me this:

If KD is a snake and a trader and weak for going to Golden State…but KD was Finals MVP last year and, according to many, SAVED Golden State many times (including last game)…

…then how is he a snake and a trader and weak?

Your logic does not compute.


3- Lebron’s Last Dance in Cleveland:

Most likely, the series will end tonight or in game 5 in Oakland. Either way, this is quite possibly Lebron’s last home game in a Cavs’ uniform.

I doubt there will be any “Please Stay Lebron” songs this time.

And hopefully no jersey burning either. Only a legitimate appreciation for the revenue, the attention, and the ring that James and those Cavs brought to the city deemed “The Mistake By the Lake”.


4- How Does The Kaing Go Out Tonight?

Does he leave showing the heart of a lion and light up every single category as he has all playoffs long?

Or does he play a dejected, submissive style and leave his teammates to fight on their own until the bitter, inevitable end?

Remember the last time we went down this road?

Neither approach would surprise me.

sn: After further investigation…that passing off of KD at the end of game 3 was more brutal and unnecessary than I first thought.

I know there is logic in why he switched.

But nahhhhh fam.

That is not a good look…and it resulted in this:

…which brings me to…


5- The Annoying and Pointless GOAT Convo:

I am one who believes that MJ is the GOAT. But I also believe that Lebron is top 3 all time and not but so far behind Mike.

That being said, there are definitely some unGoat-like things done by Bron on a fairly regular basis.

Flopping, crying, pouting, quitting.

It’s real…and it’s spectacular…… awful.

But let’s not act like Lebron James isn’t right there when it comes to actually playing the game of basketball.

My reasoning for MJ over Lebron is based on something that is deemed secondary to some because they are more focused on eras, rings and being undefeated in the Finals.

For me, Mike Greenberg from ESPN said it best while discussing an imaginary and impossible Jordan vs Lebron 1-on-1 game.

Basically he said:

‘Either Jordan is gonna win or he is gonna die on the court.’

That mentality my friends, along with the skill and the accolades, is why MJ is the GOAT.


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