He’s Phony, She’s Fake…That’s the Type of People I Hate

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LA, LA, big city of dreams.

Yes indeed. Lebron James has agreed to 4 year deal for $154,000,000 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Cool. I’m hype. But this ain’t really about that.

This is about the fans.

We Laker fans are not interested in entertaining applications from the traveling circus of Lebron fans who now want to become Laker fans for 4 years.

“…but, I understand.” – Chris Rock

In the era of pledging allegiance to a player as opposed to a team, I get how many of my friends, family, and social media followers are turning in their Cleveland Cavaliers’ cards.

We, the actual longtime longterm Laker faithful, have no interest in your fickleness; but hey, cop your jerseys, live your life and be great.


Here are the people that I am really giving the side eye to right now in the midst of this whole ordeal:

The people who were Chicago Bulls fans while MJ was there and then turned their backs on the squad when Jordan left.

Why am I looking at them crazy now?

Because they are the main people outchea bashing those bandwagon Lebron fans as if THEY weren’t bandwagon fans while being fans of an individual themselves.

“Well ain’t that the pot

calling the kettle Black/

Thinking I’m a New Jack,

you need to be smacked”

Oh NOWWWW y’all are offended by followers of an individual when your whole NBA experience was based on Mike?




The only people allowed to talk ish about brand new Laker fans are old Laker fans.

The bitterness of Michael Jordan stans (make no mistake about it…you all are the original NBA stans) finding something negative to say about Lebron James stans is hilarious at best…and pathetic at worst.


So do us all a favor: take your tongue wagging, ‘shoot first-ask questions aka find teammates last’ mentality having, Retro Jordans wearing, ‘Space Jam is the number 1 sports film ever’ voting, balded your hair when you were 21 cuz some girl said you ‘looked like MJ’ rocking selves to the nearest casino. Go to the tables, lose a stack. Then head over to the in-casino Sbarro, and (y’all know my favorite closing line)…

“Sit down, eat your slice of pizza, and be quiet.”

Slick Rick does not approve.



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