J-A-D-A: Bringing it All to the Table

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These days the new wave seems to be finding an avenue to outside of the conventional in order to get one’s product to the masses.

Whether it is the increase in small business, avoiding the major music labels and going indie, or skipping over the regular movie/tv show approach and working with Netflix or another streaming service.

In the same vein of Netflix, Facebook now has what we would call “tv shows” as part of their platform. The social media leader has numerous shows where they combine the popularity and influence of the show’s star with the site’s own reach to create some click-heavy, quality material.

One of FB’s hottest shows right now is Jada Pinkett-Smith’s “Red Table Talk” show.

On each ep, Jada sits with friends/family (her mom Adrienne, her daughter Willow, others) along with special guests; and they discuss whatever it is they choose to discuss.

The show is well done. From the production to the high profile guests (Tiffany Haddish, Gabrielle Union, etc) to the subject matter…it is a dope show.

While it seems to be marketed as a show for women, it is certainly a show for everybody.

With topics like relationships, fame, drug addiction and more, there is a lot of quality info and good conversation.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every episode is for everybody. I can’t bring myself to watch Willow Smith talk about sex…at all. At. All.

But if you enjoy hearing people’s real life stories in a way that isn’t the basic Q&A, pause the latest rendition of “Love and Sports Wives” and give “Red Table Talk” some run.

Follow their Red Table Talk Facebook page to see previous episodes and get updates on new ones.


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