SBP: Hip Hop at the Movies

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As any of you folks who check in regularly with us at the SBP already know, Prime and I are hip hop lifers. We 100% love hip hop just like we 100% love sports.

And if you didn’t know prior to this week, you now know that we 100% love movies too.

Earlier this week we did an episode of the podcast on sports movies. That was a good one. Go back and check it out when you can.

But this one? This “Hip Hop at the Movies” one? This one here though? It’s already a favorite of mine.

We had a great time discussing hood classics, our top 5 lists, and more.

Shoutout to Prime aka Chris Sims for keeping the show rolling and handling the production side of things as well.

Check out our episode entitled SBP: Hip Hop at the Movies...not now but right now.

And join us in the Sports Bar Podcast group on Facebook.  Good times are had by all.

Enjoying your weekend, good people.



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