Social Media Mistakes: Is There a Line?

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Good morning, folks.

I just read a story about a reporter who writes about the Baltimore Ravens and some unbecoming tweets from her past.

And now, the social media mob is at her neck.

Lindsey Ok

Be clear.

I don’t care about this writer/reporter/whatever one way or the other. And the storyline itself is one that we will continue to see.

Also, she doesn’t seem to be handling things very well. I can’t imagine being questioned in a similar fashion by so many, but…she may want to try a different line of responding.

But my question today is this:

How far is too far when it comes to digging up dirt?

Now I don’t mean Harvey Weinstein-esque dirt or ‘Jared from Subway’ dirt; I mean ‘social media posts from the past’ dirt.

Is going back 5 years or more, to find fleeting thoughts from when someone may have thought differently, fair?

What about if the individual was a teen when they said some foolish things? Does that help their case?

Do the ‘coming to their defense’ responses of current friends/associates hold any weight?

And how about HOW the accused responds: does ownership of the fault create some safe space between the words and the person?

We’ve all said and done things that we would be ashamed to admit.

I’d be hard pressed to find an adult male who has never used the word “gay” as an insult.

And as I always say; “I believe that every White person has used the N word at some point in their life.”

Whether either of the above examples was with meant with malice or used from youthful cluelessness, the fact remains that they happened.

But I would hope that legitimate remorse and personal growth would allow for forgiveness.

Whether the reporter mentioned earlier deserves that forgiveness based on her seemingly limited acceptance of accountability, that’s not my call.

Still I would wish that the possibility of one morphing into a more aware individual gives us a glimmer of hope that they, as well as we, are not the worst of our actions…or in this case, our social media words.


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