The Great Bacon Debate of 2018

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Life comes at you fast.

And sometimes there are moments that could end up being pivotal in how you are remembered years from now.

This COULD end up being one of those moments; so instead of just acting off impulse, I reached out to my Facebook friends for assistance this morning.

And now I’m bringing my struggle to you, the greatly appreciate Eshkoshka reader.

Why? Because…


Please help me with the following:

There are 3 strips of bacon in this house right now.

Also, there are a total of 3 people in this house right now (the other 2 are my daughters).

If I cook the 3 strips, it would prolly be considered ‘bad parenting’ to eat all 3, right?

On the other hand, no one will be satisfied with just one. Like…who eats a single strip of bacon and moves on with their lives? Not nayer person.

This is a Source Family CRISIS!

Sure I could simply get up and go to the store, but the way the rest of my day is set up…nope.

I could just cook it and leave it for the other 2 people. I’m kinda responsible for their well being.
Yeah nah.

The devil says cook it, eat it, and say “I paid for it. It’s minessss anyway.”

Can’t trust him. Or her. Or it. Whatever.

Miss me with the chivalrous angle too.
Chivalry ain’t on the menu when it comes to breakfast.

First vegan/vegetarian to come thru with some bacon hate will be banished from the kingdom.

Find me one of your options that tastes as goodt then we can talk.

So, bacon lovers…how should I resolve this first world crisis?

-breakfast sn: I still don’t understand the evolution of cooking eggs.

Who ate the first egg?
How quickly did they die?

Did they eat the shell? I know people had to be eating the shell for a good minute.

How many people died from poorly cooked eggs?
When did we get to scrambling them joints?


I need answers.


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