Glory Daze: See What Had Happened Was…

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Well. It finally went down.

The article’s cover photo shows Kelsey’s (my oldest daughter) Instagram post about the showdown between her sister and me.

When my youngest daughter, Jada, tried out for field hockey a year or so ago, someone told her that she was a fast runner. After being told the same thing a few times, she came home and asked if I thought I could beat her in a race.

My reply? “Pssh. Yeah. You wanna race?”

Jada was appalled. I’m like ‘She must not know.’ Hahaha

Anyway, we went back and forth for a year talking about racing one day but it never happened. Then Sunday night she asked:

“Wanna race tomorrow?”

With a day off ahead and nothing between us but air n opportunity, I accepted the challenge.

So we headed to the nearest track, marked off 50 yards, and it went down.

Super long story shorter (but still a long story), it didn’t go well for somebody.

And it ended like this…

Why is she laughing at the finish line?

Why do my right arm up AND my right leg look like they are going forward at the same time?

“This can’t be life” – Jay-Z

I’m not gonna say it was closer than it appears based in the photo.

But I WILL say it was close for the first 30 yards…then she switched gears. 😢

Or maybe life switched my gears. 😢😢

Probably both.

But I didn’t require a trip to the ER at the end, so that’s a win kinda…right?


Yes. I took the L, but I also learned a valuable lesson.

I’ll let you figure out what the lesson was while I grab a couple ice packs.


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