Nickel Baggin on E: I Do This For My Culture

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Today is the last day of August. It is also pretty much the last Friday of the unofficial Summer as my youngest goes back to school on Tuesday.

So hey…why not drop one last unofficial Summer Nickel Bag before we get back into our regularly scheduled lifestyle.

You all tucked in? Heeeeeere we go.

1- The Final Farewell to The Queen:

The celebrations of life for Aretha Franklin have been in effect for a few days now, and today is her official funeral ceremony.

If you ever wondered if Ms. Franklin was really that lady, you gone learn today.

Sis’ funeral is expected to last around 8 hours. From the singing to the preaching to the praising; it will go down in history as one of the most lit funerals ever…just like she will go down as one of the most amazing singers ever.

R.I.P. Queen Aretha


Speaking of funerals…

2- Senator John McCain Will Be Laid To Rest This Weekend:

John McCain lived his life to the fullest. From serving in the U.S. Navy for 23 years to spending more than 5 of those 23 years as a prisoner of war to returning home and serving in the political arena for over 35 years…dude was a G.

While many may not agree with all of his views, he will forever be respected by everyone across the board…except for that one character.

Mr. McCain’s life has been celebrated this week as Ms. Franklin’s has; and the ceremonies in his honor will continue until Sunday when he is laid to rest at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

McCain himself reached out to former rivals, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama to eulogize him.

Even from the casket, McCain is making a statement and leaving his mark yet again.

R.I.P. Maverick



Alright. Onto something completely different.

3- Football is Back:

The next time we watch a professional football game, it will be a real one that counts.

Preseason is over. And not soon enough. To me, fake games are just money making opportunities for the owners and added unnecessary health risks to the players.

Injuries stack up, time is wasted, and for what…? Glorified practices that fans pay to watch. I guess it’s Greed Over Everything because only the wealthy benefit from NFL football in August.

4- End of the Summer Television is Lit:


Yes I watch too much tv. But I don’t watch much bad tv. Here are a few quick suggestions for shows you should already be watching.

Queen Sugar, Power and Snowfall are the obvious ones. But I’m even more interested in bringing these next 3 to your attention.

Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story

The Shop

America to Me

No details necessary. Just search for those 3 shows and thank me later.


****Skiiiiiiiiirk…sharp turn ahead****



5- I Just Want to Remind Some of You One More Time:

Y’all elected an ignorant, racist, fake, bigoted, homophobic, lying, Twitter-addicted, violence-inducing sham who had ZERO political experience as leader of the free world.

And regardless of what he does, you won’t allow yourself to let go of your loyalty to dude because you’d actually have to admit to either being a complete fool or at the very least, a closet racist.

Never forget. I won’t.


And that, my friends, is how you Nickel Bag on E.

Peace to all, love to some, and hate to none.


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