Nickel Bag of Bobby Brown Pt. 1

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Last night, the wife and I got a chance to watch part 1 of BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story” since we both missed it the other night.

I’m not sure when I will get to part 2, so I went ahead and threw something together based on what I have seen thus far.

Here are my 5 (I had like 13 but cut it down) quick hits from the first 2 hours of the Kaing’s tale.


1- Head is Still Working:

Get your mind right. I’m talking about my guy, T.K. Carter.

He played Bobby’s father.

But to me he will always be JJ’s homeboy, Head, from Good Times.

Bruh. That show aired like 44 years ago. Wow.

“JJ, Poppo, Cool Breeze, Head/

We’re the Awesome Foursome until we are dead!”


2- Will Somebody Get Mekhi Phifer a Dialect Coach?

So that’s it huh, Mekhi? You are just gonna give us the same accent in every movie regardless of where the character is from? Forever, forEVER ever, for EVER EVER?

Paid in Full, Soul Food, This Christmas, 8 Mile, Carmen, AND The Bobby Brown Story?

Well. The checks are still rolling in so hey…if it ain’t broke (or if it’s all the way broke but nobody seems to care)…


3- Talk About a White Wedding:

According to the movie, the first time Bobby ever saw Whitney Houston using cocaine was their wedding day before the ceremony.

Jigga wha? Jigga who?

They dated for at least 3 years, and that was the first time he encountered that?

Yeah nah.

“Don’t let em fool ya/

Ohhhh no”


4- Did L.A. and/or Babyface sign off on any of this?

Listen. The Deele was the deal when that “Two Occasions” dropped.

But I’d be surprised if they felt good about their portrayal.

I didn’t.

On second thought, after looking at a few of their albums covers, maybe the portrayal was spot on. The 80s man…a different time.


5- Bobby Loved Janet:

…and apparently, Janet had some love (or maybe just lust) for Bobby too.

Not sure why we were all so shocked by that though.

I don’t think younger folks really understand how big Bobby Brown was. All they have seen pretty much has been drugged out Bobby.

The truth is…Bobby was that DUDE for a minute. While watching that New Edition story when it premiered, I realized something:

I rocked with Bobby’s music.


Joint after joint was my ish. He was the man, so of course the ladies loved him.

But I could have done without the Bobby/Janet sex scene.

Then I remember seeing videos of Janet’s live shows and well…seems legit.


Alright, that’s it for part 1.

We’ll see if a part 2 writeup is even relevant whenever I get around to watching it.



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