Nickel Baggin on E – 9/11/2018

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The storylines from the past few days are endless.

That being said, you know why I’m here.

No lengthy explanations needed. Let’s get into it.


1- R.I.P Botham Jean:

An utterly unbelievable occurrence took place.

I wonder why it is so unbelievable.

Long story short: Manslaughter is a lazy charge in this case.

Hopefully this is just the initial play for the moment. Because if you cannot be safe from a police bullet in your own home, you cannot be safe anywhere.

Praying that all of the facts come out. There is so much that we don’t know.


2- Serena vs. The System:

The wildest moment in the sports world from last week was this here:

While I love me some Serena Williams, I am having a hard time with this whole situation.

The coaching penalty? Eh.

The racket breaking penalty? Hmmm.

Calling the umpire a thief? Indefensible.

It was an emotional match, and Serena was getting dragged.

Making this into an issue of sexism, bringing her daughter into it, and not letting the issue go at some point: all of that stemmed from her own frustration. And the umpire’s decisions lit the fuse.

Serena is not used to being straight up beaten by another human. It’s rare.

And while many have hollered about “class” shown by Williams at the end of the battle (during the trophy presentation and mic time while still in front of the crowd), I just don’t see it that way.

She could have easily made this about the winner and not herself. She had a chance to reprimand the crowd’s behavior from a place of love and respect…not pity.

In my opinion, she soaked in the moment and left the younger woman out to dry like SHE had done something wrong…until the very last moment.

I am not absolving the umpire of culpability. But his indiscretions were not comparable to hers. At all.

In my humble opinion, this was not a moment of sexism or racism. This was an unbelievably frustrated player and a too tightly wound ref squaring off.

It happens. And officials make mistakes. That’s part of it.

Accusing the ref of questioning her character while simultaneously calling that ref a thief…that’s the height of hypocrisy; plus it essentially called the legitimacy of the beatdown she received into question.

And while all of this took place, the actual winner and best player during the tournament became a backstory.

Naomi Osaka.

U.S. Open Champion.



3- CBS Boss Ousted for History of Sexual Misconduct:


Is there a certain number of women it takes to make a claim credible?

It took multiple waves of multiple women with similar claims to make CBS take action. And even now, the corporation’s actions are questionable at best.

And Moonves’ wife, Julie Chen, and her credibility will be a story in itself.

Was she complicit? What did she know? Will she remain on CBS?

This story ain’t going nowhere.


4- Hurricane Florence – 😮:

Y’all can play around if you want. But if you are in the Carolinas or Virginia, please have a plan in place.

It doesn’t matter if the last 99 weather scares missed you. All it takes is one.

Protect yourselves and your families as best you can. Be safe out there.

5- 9/11 – Seventeen Years Later:

It’s unbelievable that one of the most outrageous incidents on U.S. soil took place just 17 years ago today.

I remember where I was.

Do you?

side note: I wonder how long we will continue to have large ceremonies on this day.

Could be 3 more years then only on the more highlighted numbers (25th, 30th, 40th, 50th)…or it may just be every year.

Can’t argue against it either way.

R.I.P. to the victims. Love to the survivors. Strength to the families. And respect to the first responders.


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