If Y’all Were Really My Friends…

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So I’m going about my Thursday morning and running through some “might be a hurricane” prep in my mind; when I notice that a friend has shared an old Q-Tip video on their social media.

Tip is my guy, so I am required by ATCQ Law to play it.

Q-Tip and Norah Jones. Haven’t heard this joint in a minute. Still dope.

The video ends, and then I see some suggested videos at the bottom of the screen.

One reads as follows: “Erykah Badu: NPR Tiny Desk Concert”…🤔

I’m thinking “Ok cool. Ms. Badu must have done a joint when they first started these concerts, and I missed out.”

So I click on the video, check the date, and now I’m mad.

“Tell em why you mad, son!”

Mannn. How is Erykah Badu gonna have a daggone Tiny Desk Concert from last month, and not one of y’all mofos told me???!?!?!?!?!?

If y’all were really my friends, somebody would have tagged me, posted it on my page, sent me a link in messenger…or SOMETHING.

But nahhhh. I gots to find out by mistake.

This is why I don’t like people. This right here.

Imma let it go and still share the link with you all cuz that’s what friends are SUPPOSED to do.

*insert Michael Eric Dyson talking about 45 while at Aretha Franklin’s funeral here*


Anyway. Y’all gone ‘head and enjoy this 15 minutes of the spectacular Erykah Badu in tiny desk concert form.


I ain’t eeen gone tell y’all about the time the wife and I went to see her in concert and I yelled out “Sing it, Erykah!!!!!” during a song in the silent auditorium like a daggone crazy person.

Wife looked at me like “The hell!?!?!?”

If you know me, you understand. Must have been the spirit cuz it couldn’t have been me.


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