Oops…Your Racism is Showing

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Your mans is so racist.


I’m glad you asked.

“You can’t count on a Black QB.” – Lynn Redden

There’s levels to this ish.

But let’s start with the most basic argument against dude’s whole premise.

Name a quarterback in the history of the Houston Texans, outside of or maybe even including Deshaun Watson, that one would consider to be “good” by NFL standards.

‘You can’t count on a Texans QB’ maybe?

I wonder how many times Lynn Redden has referred to “White quarterbacks” specifically. This franchise has plenty of bad ones to choose from.

It could be argued that 100% of the White quarterbacks listed are/were not good (including Ryan Fitzpatrick and his hot start this season).

…or in the illustrious words of Baby Powder: Not nayr nudda!

Forget that though. How about this…

First round draft pick Deshaun Watson is in his second season in the NFL.

As a rookie, for some inexplicable reason, Watson sat behind the terrible Tom Savage in the season opener.

That in itself is a whole other can of racism we won’t even get into.

Savage played as bad as expected, got hurt, and Watson took over during game one.

From that moment until his season-ending injury in week 7, Watson was the toast of the league.

Oh by the way: In the 2017-2018 season, the Texans won one game when Watson wasn’t the starter.

3-3 with him. 1-9 without him.

Yet after 2 games this season (his first 2 post injury I might add), old boy made the remark in question.

Criticizing a young quarterback who is fresh off an injury is easy…and silly. Add to that the history of the franchise’s QBs and how well Watson played last season; the commentary smells fishy.

And that is without even considering the racial aspect.

Now…let’s get to the deeper issue with the whole ordeal.

“You can’t count on a Black QB.”

The man who made this statement is in a position of power in a freaking school system.

But even bigger than that, people who think and respond like him are in positions of power all across the country.

And this fact gets us closer to the root of the problem.

If this man felt comfortable to make the “Black quarterback” statement in an open forum, what does he say in a closed one?

If this is actually how this man thinks, how can he think clearly about giving those Black students he represents (or anyone outside of the most generalized societal norm aka White Male) a fair shot if he cannot even give one to a young, gifted second year qb who we have already seen perform well?

“Individuals that may not claim to be racist may not know their own racism.”

Again…he thought this was ok to say. He is just one of the many who have been systematically placed in positions of power.

So…in 2018, even after the “you had a Black President so we are equal” movement, this is still the world in which we live.

Here’s the biggest reason why many will never allow themselves to see the reality of the situation:

If some people allow themselves to really accept the truth regarding endless amounts of racism and privilege in America, those same people will have to accept that their whole reality might just be a lie.

For many, this is quite possibly a weight their psyche cannot tolerate.

But shoot. I’m just preaching to the choir because y’all already know this. Don’t ya?

And this is why…nevermind.


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