Hate to Have to Yell Y’all This But…

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It’s Friday. It’s payday. I’m in a good mood. Everything is lovely.

But sometimes you have to tell people things that they don’t wanna hear.

Truth hurts.

In certain instances, it’s unavoidable. And that’s where we are right now. So here we go.


Hey, Black America:

Tyrod Taylor is not a good NFL quarterback.

Look. I like Taylor. He is a VA native, he is always bigged up as a really good, standup guy, a respected leader, and he is hailed as a consummate pro.

But…unfortunately his skill set isn’t on par with what most NFL teams need from a starting quarterback. I’m sorry.

Let me be clear here. He kinda got railroaded last season in Buffalo when he was benched for a kid named Nathan Peterman (who subsequently threw 4 interceptions in less than 2 quarters of his first start); but that questionable treatment and Taylor’s actual skill level are 2 completely different things.

As with any minority, we feel that any ONE individual that is like us represents all of us at any moment. Highs or lows, strengths or weaknesses.

Even more so, countless Americans see the negatives as the norm. The highs are “luck” and the lows are “proof.”

Any Black person that gets in trouble becomes every Black person in the eyes of many.

Don’t let there be a heinous crime; we are all waiting for the description of the suspect hoping and praying “Please don’t let him/her be Black.”

We feel that pressure. And OTHER folks take those moments to back their closed-minded narratives and say “See. I told you so.”

Oops…Your Racism is Showing

This guy here probably feels vindicated by Tyrod Taylor’s play last night.

‘Sweeping generalizations and a history of not getting a legitimate opportunity’ be damned in the eyes of some.

And that is why, Black Americans (or any marginalized groups really) are sometimes quick to back each other off top.

Again I say “sometimes.”

The case of Tyrod Taylor is one of those times. But it probably shouldn’t be.

He wasn’t the backup in Baltimore because he is Black.

He wasn’t railroaded in Buffalo strictly based on race.

And currently in Cleveland, he knows what it is. If he didn’t going in, he (and we) knew it after watching “Hard Knocks” every week.

Taylor was never going to be the story. He was a ‘stop gap’ hire, albeit an expensive one, with The Franchise waiting in the wings.

And while I am always willing to cape for my people who get the short end of the stick based on things that are beyond the requirements of said situation, this is one instance in which I cannot make any claim.

If you are gonna cape, cape for something you would bet your hard earned money on.

As much as I respect Tyrod Taylor for his toughness, leadership, and the man he is (from all accounts), I can’t rock with the “mistreated Black quarterback” idea on this one.

It was already Baker Mayfield’s team.


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