Saturday Morning Mood

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This ish right here, homie?

This ish right here?

This was my favorite ATCQ joint for a minute.

Whenever I would mention this song to folks, they would look at me like it wasn’t a real thing. Like I made it up in my mind.

I mean…I do love me some Tribe; but you really thought I concocted the idea that there was a Bonita remix over an Isley Brothers joint, and Q-Tip, Ali and Jarobi performed it on “Showtime at the Apollo” back in the day?

Ok. I do love Tribe enough to have possibly dreamed this scenario (see what I did there?). Fine.

But I didn’t. It really happened.


Anyway, I ran across the song this morning via social media. Hadn’t heard it in what seems like forever.

Needless to say, my Saturday has been made.

Bonita Applebum, go ‘head witchaself.


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